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Is it boring?

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"…And so I'll give you a little background, a little story on this. Last spring, we had a teacher choose to go to another school, a different level. And they spoke to us. They said, I think I'm just bored of my content. And so they chose a different content, so to speak. And that had us kind of wondering and asking.…"

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Deborah Pardes

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"…But I think jobs define us so deeply and to be bored in a job, you have to look at the ingredients of that job and the repetition of that job and the lack of mobility in that job maybe, or the lack of stimulus and get out of that job because it's like you regret it for the rest of your life if you get stuck. Stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck. However.…"

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Ty Dobbs

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"…I feel like we live in such a stimulant, heavy world where if it's not a 62nd video clip with an infinitely scrolling feed or if it's not a less than five minute action packed interview or 20 minutes anxiety increasing TV show or whatever have you, it doesn't seem to do well. Obviously, there's exceptions to that rule. But in the general, what do we see excelling? We see social media with really quick results doing extremely well.…"

Syrup Dishes

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"…Put it down, let it be, and come back to it and continue. I like that response. A little bit more difficult when it's work or it's a profession, but you can apply that in across a lot of settings and variety. So I never hesitate to take a break, step away, refresh, recharge, and really determine is that something I want to continue doing? And I appreciate she doubt.…"


Aayan Banerjee

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"…Hi there. This is Ian, and my background is I've hired a lot of people, close to five, 7000 people over the last 1015 years, so I also know the reason why they leave and one of the the common reasons they give is I'm bored. And so I really did a deep dive to understand why people get bored. And here are some of my observations.…"

Is it boring?

@SyrupDishes · 2mo ago · 3:48


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