Arish Ali
@arish · 2:40

Ideal dimensions for an image in a Swell post

But when it comes to portrait tiles we crop off the 375 pixels from the board on the left and right side. So if there's any important piece of content you have like a face of a person as shown in this image or text that you want to highlight and don't want to get cropped off, then you should try to keep it in that safe area

#SwellTipsFromSwell #image #dimensions #width 1200px #height 630px

Jas (They/them) Martin
@studentlife · 0:35
Thank you so much for this. This is actually really useful. I'm trying to be as engaging as possible on the swell because I really like, you know, what sort of looking for getting new followers and things. Jas, I like to expand my community here as large as possible. So anything I can do to do that is helpful. And this chart that you have is really helpful
Dana Jae
@danajae33 · 1:15


It's called Square Fit Square Fit and it's really easy and fun to use if you want to just Resize it quickly any of your photos and make sure that everything is in the actual photo that you'd like to be seen in it, especially when, as he said, it trims automatically if your photos too large so you might lose some part of the image or text
Deborah Pardes
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Hey, Dana, thank you so much for this recommendation. I think it's so helpful because as we grow and people want to really use this as a kind of an audio Journal where they really show the world that they're in, the more feel connected to the photo we put up, that it really represents and is being represented better. So this is so wonderful and just so great to hear your voice here. You're such a consummate professor. You're always going to be teaching us stuff