Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 3:11

Increasing engagement for your Swells!

Swell is still a relatively small community, so if you are looking for more engagement, you should share the link to your swell, to your wider network of friends and followers outside of swell. I really hope these tips help you and increase the reach and engagement of your swell. Happy swell casting

#SwellTipsfromSwell Use invites, replies, and shares to improve your engagement.

Shawna Kearsley
@OnAcornBay · 3:31

#Ettiquette #Civility #Opportunity #Excellence Photo Credit: Adrianna Amari #OnAcornBay #JamaicanHoneyBee

And you guys are brilliant. Etiquette and civility in the space. I'm just going to leave it right there. Have a wonderful Christmas, and thank you. You are my jingle bell, my friend. Bye
Brandy Singleton
@ThoughtProvoker · 1:24


And the reason why it was said quickly, which I didn't need to do it that way, it was because I was somewhere. And so that meant that that wasn't the time for that as well. So I just kind of put it in drafts and do it over and give it more of myself. So thank you. Thank you for always sharing and enlightening us and always learn. Thank you. Bye
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Brandy Singleton
@ThoughtProvoker · 0:43


One more thing. I had a question on my website. I know I can embed a swell, but is there a way I can embed a swell or embed to where if someone came on my website and they could subscribe from my website or become a part of swell or anything of the sort that says that's bringing them to either subscribe or come to the platform versus just listening because I want to drive more activity towards silkast, if that made any sense. Thank you
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:14


It's what's so cool about this space. So thank you for the shout out. With reference to people on the browser, it's a great way for them to sign up, log in, follow and subscribe. All those things now can happen on the browser. You don't need to download the app. The only reason someone needs to download the app is to create a reply or to create a swellcast. But when someone signs up via browser, they automatically become a swellcaster