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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:52

#TellYourStory November is Tell Your Story month on Swell

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If you're listening to this on the web and you're currently not a Swell user, simply download the app and join in. Your stories can be from any part of your life, from childhood vacations to professional stuff to any type of story. Nostalgic, funny, thankful, silly, serious. It can have a moral, it can have a point. It doesn't have to have a point

Check the Talk Tab daily for new storytelling prompts. #SwellTipsFromSwell #SwellCalendar

Aineesha bold
@neesha1 · 4:53

#share your story

When I misbehaved, she would actually tell my dad. My dad would discipline me in a very mean way. My sister and I got to stay with my aunts, where my mom actually left us with her. And she actually didn't take us to school. She allowed us to roam on the street, sell as. At seven years old, I was just selling on the street. When I went back to stay with my stepmother, I was also selling
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