The Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell! Say Hi!

Hi, welcome to Swell. You're hearing my voice right now and we want to hear your voice right now. The best way to do that to practice is just to hit reply and you'll start recording and please say Hi. I'm here. Also in include how you found Swell so it would sound like Hi, I'm here. I found Swell through a friend. Thanks so much. Looking forward to hearing from you

Say hello and tell us how you heard about Swell. We’d love to hear your voice and your Swell discovery story. 💡

Michael Burgess
@beitmenotyou · 0:08
Hi. I'm Michael, and I found Swell for an email that they emailed to me through my podcast

Mentoring others while lifting your inner self, to be the person you want

And then they walk away with the value of your voice or other value from your voice, from the context of what you said to them that really resonates with them. They can gel other universes where they can be accountable and acceptable anyways. Taking care. It was a great time. Tourist
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Unity Eagle
@UnityEagle · 0:57

After a long search of many years the universe draw me to your app

Hi there. I'm Sylvia, Akash Unity Eagle from the Netherlands. And about five years ago, I had found this app called Anchor Version One at the time. And we had such a great experience by having conversations with people all over the globe. And the app transformed into a podcast app. And then I went on to a search to find a similar experience life we had on Incavision One
Marla Liebling
@marlove22 · 0:07
Hello, I'm Marla and I found swell through my nephew's, girlfriend
Michael Thomas
@Michael123 · 0:39

It's a go

Michael, I got through an email that was sent me. I think it's nice app. I'm young to go with my platform to share. Dean with been amazing people. I like talking to benefiting people. So if you connect, I love to connect with people open minded people as well. Thank you
Michael Thomas
@Michael123 · 0:07

Pardon my voice lol 😂😂😂

Hello? Can you see me
Dzakye M
@dzakyem · 2:12

1st cast on Sweller #1stcast #community #interaction #Arpitan @RobbinMilne

Arbitrain is more than 10 years old, and it's dying out at a very high speed in two generations. So anyway, perhaps you're just here to have fun. So I won't other you for too long. Bye. And looking forward to interacting with you all. Bye
Who Diss
@WhoDiss · 0:23

#newpost #letsgo #hello https://linktr.ee/whodissis

Hey, I'm who this? I found out about Swell from IG I believe I'm also a podcaster. I got my link in my bio to check out that as well. I appreciate any and all feedback. I'm definitely here. Not strictly just a promo or market, but also to interact and engage. Let's go. Let me know what you got in your mind
Mark Francis Rahaman
@MarkR · 1:39

Loving Swell so far

Gor creating real relationships with people. I'm really liking Swell because it's a combination of anchor and anymore, really, but it's different. It's very professional. I like the way everything is, how it sounds, how it loads. It's not glitchy, like I said, and seems to be a lot of different subjects and a lot of people here already. So I'm looking forward to diving in. It's been addictive
Mark R Fitness
@Markrfitness · 0:41

Hello everyone

It looks an exciting place to be, so, yeah, here I Pam, Man. I put out my first Swell on Fitness, and I look forward to connecting with all of you guys
Georgie Dee
@GeorgieDee · 0:34

Just wanna check out the kool kids @Markrfitness

Hey, there Swell Creators. My name is Georgie D. I'm. From Australia. You you you you heard about Swell Wed Love, who's been encouraging me to Robin because he reckons that all the cool kids Gor playing in this sandbox. I don't think I'm that cool, but, hey, let's give it a go. This app looks fun. Well done
Lisa Gaylord
@LisaGaylordFit · 0:17
Hey, I'm Lisa with Lisa G****** Fitness. And I found Swell through an NPR email, and I figured I'd try Chris out. Chris. Sounds like a really cool way of getting in touch with people. You
Mark Ward
@AskMarkWard · 0:18

Hello from Chicago!

Hello. I'm Mark. I am in Chicago, and I found Swell from my friend Georgie D from Perth, Australia. She gave me a heads up so I always listen to other good advice. So here I am

Welcome reply

Hello I found out about Swell from an email that they sent me for one of my work related podcasts, and I thought I might try it out for one of my personal podcasts
Tim Guerrette
@Uncensored · 0:28

@Hello my name is Tim this is the first time I’ve been in Swell

Hello. This is Tim, and I'm glad to be on Swell. This is the first time I've been on and I would like to let you know that I found out about this online. I have a podcast. It's called two, three, Nine and uncensored everything Southwest Florida and beyond. Check out my podcast. That would be great. And I think this might be a pretty good way to reach out to the world. Swell. It's
@thejamescast · 0:19

Hello from James.

Hello. My name is James Pike. Awguy. I'm the person behind the James Cast and Potaholics, and I found out about twelve through a podcasting newsletter, really excited to be here and look forward to virtually meeting so many of you
michelle heiselt
@Sezzel · 1:17
Hi. My name is Michelle, and I'm from Utah. I am 42 years old, and I have a Husky. A Siberian Husky. She's amazing. And let's see what else. I'm pretty versatile and cultured and would like to learn more every day. I love to learn. I love to grow. And I love spirituality, not really just, but I'm very spiritual. What else? Well, I found swell through
David E
@DavidEPledger · 0:49

New here

Hello. Hello. This is David Pledger. I did want to respond and reply because this is my first swell, I guess. And I've been trying kind of hopping and skipping across audio platforms. I'm just kind of still looking. I do a lot on Lemur before that. It was anchor. I can't remember what was before that, but yeah, I got to swell by following my friend bikeman, the real poker man. But anyhow you all hear me on here
Simon Brooks
@smbrooks · 0:19

#storyteller #storytelling #traveller #photographer #podcaster diamondscree

Hi. My name is Simon Brooks. I have no idea what this app is. A colleague friend of mine, Tim, out in California, told me about it. Something to do with sing. And I had to download it, I guess hear him sing. So here I am. It's going to been an interesting investigation into this PeaceOut
Ray Renati
@RayRenati · 0:25


Hi. My name is Ray. I'm here and I found Swell through some friends I made years ago who I'm still friends with from Anchor Version One the Audio, the social audio app that went belly up and became a podcasting app. So I'm glad to be here. Yeehaw
Bernie Goldbach
@topgold · 1:12

Found @Swell inside an Anchor OG Twitter group.

So I would hope that Swell could self fund if it needs money by Charrie users a certain amount of money based on things they can do, like private messaging or syndication or something like that. I love social audio may at last as long as people are interested in it. Bye for now
John M. Craig
@johnmcraig · 3:51
Ah, Hello. I am here. John M. Craig, New Jersey presence? Not really. I'm not. I'm almost 50 and I'm not present. I heard about this app from a friend, Colin Flynn from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He and I quote, Unquote met on Anchor version One back in February 2016, where we crossed paths with one another when they were doing their audio version of Twitter. And he just mentioned that he had found it
Dayngr ...
@Dayngr · 0:15

Hello from #NC

Hi, I'm Danger and I found Swell through a friend ask Mark Ward, who I knew from another audio social networking app. And here I am and I live in North Carolina. Yeah
Richard Roberts
@FiremanRich · 2:08

I found @Swell from . . .

Bernie and Bernie has been following me in the audio sphere for many years now, going back to the early days of the audio boo days. Doing the boo. I got my start doing audio just a little bit before that, using an audio program called Cinch. So I use Audio Boo. They discontinued the free service. Then Anchor came about anchor is fun. Anchor One, two and three
Tachi E
@Tachi · 0:11
Hey, there, my name is Tachi, and I found swell through the wonderful, nomadic audio community that has traveled from App to App to app
Kevin Williams
@Kevin · 0:47


Hi, I'm Kevin, and I found swell through a couple different people who are alumni of Anchor Versions One and two, and we've been looking for social audio, platform hopping from platform to platform, not finding anything that felt quite right. Gor felt like the kind of community that Anchor version One and version Two lent itself to. So that's why I'm here and so far, so good

🇺🇸 🇨🇦 Thank you for creating Swell!

Hello, I'm Christina, I Pam, a dual citizen, born and raised in the US, currently living in Canada. And like so many other here, I learned that swell through that nomadic audio community that talks she mentioned
Clay Lowe
@soulcruzer · 0:38

Hello Swell world. Thanks @FiremanRich

Hi Clay here and let's Lee how I found Swell through another audio person who seems to find all the apps on audio, which is pretty cool. So and it looks like it is a pretty cool platform I've been surfing through, listening to different Swell Castle days and time to get into the gate, Jim. So here I am looking forward to getting to meet people within the community. Thank you very much. Bye
Tony Deleon
@tonydeleon · 0:04
Hello, my friend. How are you? There
Tony Deleon
@tonydeleon · 0:02
Are you alright
Tony Deleon
@tonydeleon · 0:03
What Doe you think you are going to do
Delaware Blogger
@ABlake · 0:39

Glad to have found the app and looking forward to being Swelled!

Hello, Swell. This is The Ze Diva, aka the Delaware Blogger, and I found you in an email from Pod Move Magazine. I'm looking forward to learning more about how to be Swell on this app to increase my listenership on not one but two podcasts. That's right. Two podcasts, the Delaware Blogger Podcast on Anchor FM, as well as blog your way to a business profit on blog talk radio. Have a great day. Is the De Diva, aka the Delaware blogger
Clifford Le Blanc
@bikeman007 · 0:12
Hi, I'm Bike Man and I found out about swell through a friend in Russia
Libby Miles
@Libbymilesberto · 0:10

I think I'm getting use to the app I like what I already saw

Hi I found Swell on a play store and I want to try it to see how it goes
Dennis Boston
@DenoSkinz83 · 0:14

openminded ,beleave free love and energy is necessity of life

Hey, I just wanted to say Hi. My name is Dennis new to this whole swell thing. I think it's actually pretty interesting that you can have conversations instead of having to do all that texting and typing. It works out to be a little bit quicker this way, I hope
Abraham Martinez
@AbeMartinez · 0:15
Hey, this is Abe Martinez. And I found this app through a friend named Vincent Van Wilhelm, Giovanni Vitici, Ambersue Strayer, A-K-A. Yellow status
Maria Morgan
@moonstarlove78 · 0:11
Hello my name is Maria and I found swell on my Google Play store
Diva Diplomatic
@Diva007 · 0:10
Hello, I'm Diva and I saw a reference to Swell on Twitter, and I thought I'd check it out
Bonnie Joersz
@bonnierizzler · 0:08

Bonnie Joersz

Hi. My name is Bonnie, and I found slow through Google play
I will do well in office civil rights as well as political area by Democratic also spoon deterrence of mixie working come with world countries opposite to other civil rights of the United States restoration hardballs are the ones for about deportation
Debbie Liebling-Healy
@Beedie · 0:09
Hello, I found swell through Callie Gooner. He is a great guy. And I love your app
Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 0:52
I was like, no, I'm not going to go on another social audio platform. I've been doing social audio stuff for the better part of 16 years. I want to be taking serious now. And of course, I'm a big joke because I'm here. So hopefully Chris is not as painful as I imagined
Misty Beaver
@Babydoll79 · 0:06
Hey, it's Misty. And I'm here. I found Sull just shopping online
Dana Crisi
@Dana · 0:09
Hi. My name's Dana, and I stumbled across this app in other Google Play Store and decided to check it out
Bernie Goldbach
@topgold · 0:31

@RatherSwell waiting for the block feature.

The one swell that you're here. Hey, glad you're around because we can share the unfollow block thing a moment. I wait in here. I Gor, smashed by a bunch at three people telling me that I'm stalking them and they don't want to hear my voice. And the one thing the app needs is a block feature so that they don't see my face or hear my voice. Welcome to Swell. Say Hi. You can block me. I
Enni Cuevas
@Enni2911 · 0:02
Venkat J
@jvenkatj · 0:12
Hey I found swell to my friend trying to use this and so far is good I'll keep you updated
@mynameiskaleb · 0:06
Hi. I'm here. I found Swell because I was looking for an alternative to Facebook
Laura Rodriguez
@summertimelaura · 0:06
Hi, I'm here. Found you guys on my apps