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Arish Ali

 · 8mo ago · 1:27

Did you know? Your Swellcast has a web page

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"…We have a very cool feature on Swell that many users are not aware of, that is that every Swell user automatically gets a Swell web page. Every Swellcast is available online, and the address is very simple it's sulcast comyouruser ali. That's it. So you can share this page online to your friends, you can put on your link trees, and people can click on it and go straight to your soulcast. The best part is that they do not need to download the app.…"

#SwellTipsFromSwell Every swellcast has a webpage, swellcast.com/YourUsrname where people can listen to your swells without downloading the app.


Arish Ali

@arish · 8mo ago · 1:01

My swellcast http://swellcast.com/arish - share yours!

"…And as way of an example, I am adding here a link to my own soulcast which is http soulcast.com irish so Irish is my usernames as well, so the path is soldcast.com Irish. So please go ahead and reply and add your own soulcast link here. When you click on this link on the app, it will take you to your soul cast home page in the app itself. But if you click on this link outside on the web, it will take you to the page in the browser.…"


Sagar Bhosale

@sagarbhosale · 8mo ago · 0:04

"…Wow. That s a fabulous feature. I will definitely be using it.…"


Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15

Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 8mo ago · 0:25

@arish mine! https://www.swellcast.com/dbpardes

"…Hey, ours. Thanks for posting this. I use my Swellcast.com DB pardes a lot because it's a really great way for people just to discover my threads and who I'm speaking with and my thoughts when they are already on their computers and doing stuff. And it's very contextual. It's really easy. So I'm just loving that we're talking about it here. I'll post my URL right here, right now.…"


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 8mo ago · 0:26


"…Arish. Thank you so much for this. I put it on my instagram. Swell is my home base for content. And it's cool to finally show people instead. Just keep telling them that I'm on this Social Audio app, as confusing as that may be already. But yeah. Thanks.…"



@IAMLADYBBLESS · 8mo ago · 0:26

https://s.swell.life/STDECUnzlWqfcLz my swellcast link

"…What a swell idea. I love it. Didn't even know that we had our own web page attached to our Swell cast, so this is definitely great news. And I'm definitely, definitely attaching mine here so you could definitely check it out.…"


Jai Staton

@SistahSoul · 8mo ago · 0:27

#aGREATfeature #thankyou

"…Hey, hey, hey. This is a great feature. That's amazing. I'm already very impressed with Swell and what it does and how it does and the ability to you to connect and be in interactions with folks from all over the place. So this is just another great added benefit. I'm so excited. Let me go type mine right now.…"


Jae Alexander

@Jandrea · 8mo ago · 0:11


"…Awesome. Okay. Well, now, I hope I did this right.…"


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