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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:56

*NEW* Latest Swells are now available in your Home Screen

We hope you really do discover new voices on swell because the reason why we are encouraging this is when new swellcasters come in, we want to make sure they have visibility and cover them, give them a like, give them a reply, you know, that they really will appreciate it. Let us know what you think about this change. It'll be useful. Everything you tell us is useful. And we listen and we care. So thank you so much and happy swell casting

#SwellTipsFromSwell We are making it easier to discover new voices and find the latest Swells

Steve Dover
@poppyteezworld · 0:29
Thanks so much for making the homepage a little bit easier. I have been on swell for just a few months and if I don't get on it every day, seems like when I come back I'll have trouble finding what I want to see. So anything that you guys can do to make it more simple for us semi tech type people would be great. I appreciate it. Look forward to using the new feature and keep making it better. Thanks
Shirly Mathew
@NEWDAWN123 · 1:40
So apart from the list of topics that we have in browse, probably even just having a real form or just a glance, a glimpse that everybody could just go through, it would add to the plethora of topics that we have included. Thanks so much. You you get