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The Swell Team
@Swell · 1:25

How to DELETE a Swell Comment

If someone is in the thread of the conversation that you created and it's either very garbled, you can't understand it, or it is offensive to you in terms of it being something that flags, someone would flag and say, this is offensive content. You have the power to delete that swell. Go to that individual swell comment. Put your finger on it and hold it down. When you hold it down over those sound waves, you'll see a little box with a little sound waves

Inside Swell conversations that you initiate - you are able to DELETE comments from others. Use this function wisely. Here’s how to do it

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Average Joe
@AverageJoe · 0:13
I think we're gonna need a block here, too, Deborah. I think as time goes on, that might be a necessary item to have available
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Richard Roberts
@FiremanRich · 0:50

To be used wisely & thank you! 😷👍

Thank you for the information on how, how, how, how, how, how to delete a Swell comment outlined in your own Swell conversations and thread. I think that feature should be used wisely that's on any platform I believe in my opinion. And I also agree with Average Joe that a block capability should be there just to be used in case it's needed. And that also should be used wisely just to let the Swell team know I'm enjoying Swell very much
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Bernie Goldbach
@topgold · 0:29

@AverageJoe watching BLOCK with interest

Hey, average Joe, the block function could be pretty interesting because if you can do it effectively, that would mean never encountering the person's voice as an origin or in other threaded conversation. That technology is so hard to pull off in my past experience, but it'd be welcome. It's a team could do that
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