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The Swell Team

 · 10mo ago · 0:52

WELCOME TO SWELL! Here’s how to get started

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"…Hey, welcome to Swell. I just wanted to welcome you here. We are excited to hear your voice, and I just want to let you know that the best way to experience Swell, actually is to ask a question. And maybe it's a question about what's in the news or something you've been thinking about, but just post that question. And once you do that, you can go ahead and explore the rest of the app. Listen to people reply to them.…"

#hello! It’s good to hear your voice!


Manisha Mandal

@DrManisha0812 · 10mo ago · 0:24

"…Thank you for welcoming me to Swell. I'm hopeful that it would be a great platform to express myself and learn from others as well. I wish you all listening to me a very warm Greetings and hope you are keeping safe and healthy as well. Love.…"


Matthew Jarvis

@Baldpur78 · 10mo ago · 0:04

"…Yup Many thanks looking forward to using it.…"


Amanda Barton

@goddesshadiyah · 10mo ago · 0:17


"…Good afternoon. Thanks for walking into twelve. It looks like a great platform to share your views and thoughts. I look forward to listening to other swell thoughts and views. Thank you. Thanks once again. Bye.…"


Hector Quemada

@hdquemada · 10mo ago · 0:22

"…Hi. I'm glad to be able to try this platform out. It's certainly a different concept, and I'm eager to see how well it catches on. Hoping to to talk to everybody and be engaged in some very interesting conversations.…"


Tina Patel

@ididntdoowit · 10mo ago · 0:19

"…Hello. Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm sure looking forward to using Swell. It's going to be a great platform to learn and learn and listen and offer also share my views. Thank you. Bye.…"


Stranger Man

@HiddenName01 · 10mo ago · 0:22

"…Hey, everyone. I just came across this app in Instagram. Advertisement I found this app interesting, so I installed it. I am just exploring this app. I am thinking I am liking to it and I think I'll engage into this app as much as possible. Thank you for welcoming me. And I welcome to new members in the future. Thanks.…"


65- Jyothika

@JoJo123 · 10mo ago · 0:29

"…Thanks for welcoming me. I am very glad to meet all the community members. The idea of this app was very interesting and amazing. I would love to scroll all the media in this. The varieties of the topics are very awesome. This is amazing. I look forward to it. Thank you.…"


Nina P.D.

@ninatries__ · 9mo ago · 1:15

#welcome #hello

"…Hi, I love the idea of swell and how enthusiastic everyone is on this platform. Always been curious about podcasting, but never really had any sort of prompts or ideas to talk about, which in a way it's not very helpful just because if I don't put anything, whether it's on paper or just vocalizing it, if I don't put it out there, I definitely keep it bottled inside.…"


Bharat Apat

@apat.bharat · 9mo ago · 0:18

Thanks You Swell

"…Hey, thank you for inviting me to the platform. This is a great idea. I wish to see this community grow bigger. My name is Bharatapat. I give unpopular perspectives on elements of life. If you want to check my channel to check it out. I'm new to this platform. Thank you so much for welcoming.…"


Kritika Saraf

@ksaraf1312 · 9mo ago · 0:08


"…Yes, it is a very nice app.…"


Armaan Husain

@Armaan_004 · 9mo ago · 0:04


"…Hey, thank you so much for sharing and keep posting. Thank you.…"


Shreya Tripathi

@Shreya.world3 · 9mo ago · 0:07


"…Great. I am excited to listen about your stories and your experiences.…"


Karen Kimberly Pickering

@AbsolutePhenom · 9mo ago · 0:29

"…Thanks for the welcome. Swell. I think that your platform is swell. Tina to do this. Thank you for the welcome. Recording has been I don't know, I've done it over and over and over again because I it just sounds so stupid. And I get off on things that I've put in the swell. I just want to thank you for your platform, and you're just thank you. Bye.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 9mo ago · 0:29


"…Hey, Karen, thanks so much for your comment and your your initial gut about talking. I so appreciate it. Some people really are practicing the very base act of speaking, and it's so natural, yet we get so self conscious about it. But it's just a wonderful community here where people are talking in all kinds of ways. So I really welcome your voice and so looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Welcome.…"


Karen Kimberly Pickering

@AbsolutePhenom · 9mo ago · 0:23


"…I just also wanted to say about the welcome I'm blown away that you address each and every person. Do you return every single comment? You are a fantastic person. I just wanted to throw that in there.…"


Sachinn Narrang

@sachinnnarrang · 9mo ago · 0:46

Thank you

"…Thank you once again and looking forward for an excitement journey. Have a great evening. Keep well and be safe and self. Love is very important, so keep smiling. Thank you.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 9mo ago · 0:08


"…Hey, Sachinn. Thank you for the message of self love. It's always good to be reminded of that. And and back at you. Welcome to swell.…"


karthik chandra

@karthikchandra · 9mo ago · 0:04

"…Thanks for the warm welcome. Cheers.…"


Sachinn Narrang

@sachinnnarrang · 9mo ago · 0:14


"…Very good morning. Thank you once again for your welcome. And yes, self love is something I practice and I believe in. So, yes, for everybody. Please love yourself. Have a good day.…"


Sitara Fe

@sitara.speaks · 9mo ago · 0:49

Gratitude and Appreciation for this new platform

"…Thank you. Thank you for the warm welcome and introduction to Swell. I was just scrolling instagram inside the advertisement for this and have been inspired and wanting to create a podcast and have a few resources to be be able to make that happen. And simultaneously I like the simplicity of just being able to be on here. I think there is a lot of importance in hearing voice from people. So much more can be felt rather than through just simple text.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 9mo ago · 0:32


"…Hey, sitara. I love that you are here and that you see it as a really great opportunity to build your Swell cast because it's so accessible to people to hear your thoughts, to hear your ideas, to listen and then hopefully respond on the app. But they can also just listen on the browser, and it's a very cool place for people to build their brand and build their community around certain topics that you care about.…"


Crystal Nicole

@Synthesis.mind · 9mo ago · 0:43

"…Hi. Thank you so much for welcoming me to the Soil community. I'm very interested to see how this platform works. It seems really interesting and engaging and alive. I really love the concept of voice versus just text. So, again, I'm looking forward to connecting with awesome people. So thanks again for having me, and I look forward to exchanging dialogue.…"



@smelltheroses · 9mo ago · 0:06

"…Everybody for listening. It Ivy. She fantastic. Jay have a good one.…"


Letticia White

@Purplelady · 9mo ago · 0:28

"…Hi, everybody. I'm excited about this platform, wanting to learn and meet new people and also just be able to have a voice to get things out and to let them everyone know that no matter what's going on, no matter what you're going through, you're not alina in this journey and on this huge planet, which is really small, call earth. All right, have a good day, everyone. Bye.…"


vandita daryana

@vancan23 · 9mo ago · 0:23

Would love to explore

"…I've always been a little conscious of my voice, so, you know, seeing how everyone here interacts using voice, I'd love to use this platform to let people hear my voice, and also I'm hoping to gain some confidence, and I'd love to explore this. Looks like a lot of fun.…"


Trisha benn

@Trishathornwell · 9mo ago · 0:05

"…Can I post ads for my business on here?…"

Raja Chaudhary studio’s

@Rktsr · 9mo ago · 1:13

"…I'm from Mumbai, India and working as a self working guy. Especially after this covet situation. The life scenario has totally changed. I feel something has really changed. My prior now are different from the way it was. Anyway, I like to be a part of this community. Thank you very much. Let's be in touch.…"


Gautam A body with Soul

@AbodywithSoul · 9mo ago · 0:04

"…Thanks for welcoming and I would like to explore this new platform.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 9mo ago · 0:20


"…Hey, Raja. Welcome to Swell. You made a comment that's interesting to me about your priorities changing after COVID. I think it's a great topic, and I look forward to hearing on your Swell cast, what that looks like and what that has been for you, because I think a lot of people can relate. So looking forward. Thank you.…"

Moxie M.

@moxie · 9mo ago · 1:17

- Deborah Pardes #moxie @moxie #gratitude #theories @TheCreativeCure

"…So I just about burst when I heard you reply, so thank you for the bottom of my heart. And if there's ever anything that you'd like me to speak on, I'm here. And actually, I have some heres that it would be wonderful to talk to you about, to run by you, to get your insight and everything. But anyway, thank you very much. I do have two questions. I'm going to be asking them over in my channel.…"


Atharva Mishra

@Flying_mind · 9mo ago · 0:05

"…Hey. Thank you so much for welcoming.…"


Cherie Andrade

@SpiritualOG · 9mo ago · 0:15

"…Thank you for the welcome. I'm so excited to be here, to be able to talk to other people and, you know, put some of my stuff out there. And this was a great welcome. So thank you so much. Have a great day. Bye.…"


brian keith

@ProjectHealthy · 9mo ago · 0:08

"…Thanks so much for the welcome. Looking forward to using Swell to learn a lot and to share a lot. Have a good day.…"


Richard Hudak II

@dance-like-fire · 9mo ago · 0:59


"…So I know when you wish everyone wellness, that it is in that context of public health, which I feel and tell my students is a field that has deep affinities with sociology because it thinks in the aggregate rather than in the individual, which I think is where a lot of people get tripped up with a lot of the recommendations that are offered for us all to be healthy together. So, interested to hear your thoughts on that?…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 9mo ago · 0:47


"…And as a sociologist and as someone who's teaching, I just really look forward to your take on helping people kind of parse out information and knowing what's good for themselves and also being accountable and aware for those around them. It's a really powerful time for your field, so I really look forward to getting you here on swell. Welcome.…"


praisy k.john

@PraisyKJ · 9mo ago · 0:25


"…Hey, guys. Thank you so much. I literally was searching for such apps where I can express my feelings and share my views and thoughts. And at that time, I found twelve so much more appreciating. Everyone around the world. Around the globe. May God bless you all. Bye.…"


Akansha Singh Yadav

@akasinyad13 · 9mo ago · 0:14

"…Hello. Thank you. This has come across as a new platform, and I'm really looking forward to it. Kind of excited and anybody listening to me? Hi. Hello. Hula namaste.…"


Minnie Emiliana

@KatphishMinnie · 9mo ago · 1:25

#welcome #newbie #overjoy

"…It's some other physical stuff as well, but I'm not going to allow that to stop me from living, and I just hope I can help someone else as well. So again, catfish mini out.…"


Armani Lanier

@Fr3sh · 9mo ago · 0:14

#Learn #Grow

"…Oh. Thank you for welcoming to the platform. I look forward to expressing my thoughts and ideas and gaining feedback and also learning from others on the platform as well. Appreciate you.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 9mo ago · 0:17


"…Hey, Minnie. Great to hear your voice, and thanks so much for your enthusiasm. And I think finding your voice here and meeting people and talking about topics you care about is going to really fit with what you're looking for. That's my gut. So welcome and looking forward to hearing your voice more here.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 9mo ago · 0:33


"…Hey, Armani. Just couldn't help looking at your photo that you posted. Really beautiful. Beautiful faces. Imagine they're part of your life and can't wait to learn more about them. A lot of parents found this app. People talking about things that are important, that need voice and kind of exploration, expansion, and kind of poking at what might not feel clear. And then these conversations really help, I don't know, open up new ways of seeing and being.…"

Armani Lanier

@Fr3sh · 9mo ago · 0:30

#Family #Learn #Grow

"…Well, first of all, thanks a lot, Deborah. I really appreciate that. And secondly, actually, those are my kids. The bigger one is my son, Devon. He's 14. And the younger one is my son, Logan. He's eight. I'm actually looking forward to gain perspective from this app. From what I see, a lot of people seem to enjoy the app so far and the platform so far, so I look forward to joining in on the community here.…"


Heena Verma

@heena2909 · 9mo ago · 0:22

"…Hello everyone. My name is Heena and this is the first time I have downloaded this application. I am new to this platform so I am still exploring and looking forward to use it further in future future to express my thoughts, emotions or whatever I write whenever I get time. Thank you so much.…"

Grecia Sanchez

@Grecia1 · 9mo ago · 3:32

"…Facebook, all of that and everything else. But I feel like having a sense of just voice, just hearing you talk. I know Twitter, you can write everything you're feeling, but it's different. Like, when you hear the person's voice, when you hear their tone, when you hear the way that they enunciate words, the way that they use wording language, it's totally moxie.…"

Sacred Space

@Sacred-Space199 · 8mo ago · 0:15

Thank you for inviting me to Swell, and I feel this platform will be useful in expressing my thoughts to everyone.

"…Hello, everybody. Thank you for inviting me to Swell. And I feel this platform would be useful in expressing my thoughts to everyone. Thank you.…"


@IAMLADYBBLESS · 8mo ago · 0:20

"…Hi. Thank you. I'm Nuanced swell. So I'm a podcaster, a motivational speaker. And I love to talk, so hopefully Swell and I will get along just swell. Thank you. I'm so happy to be here. Looking forward.…"


sonam rawat

@sonam_ravvat · 8mo ago · 0:07

"…Hey, thanks. And thanks for your warm welcome.…"


sonam rawat

@sonam_ravvat · 8mo ago · 0:44

"…Actually, I'm new to this application and I don't know how to use it. And also, my English was not so good. Like, there are so many people who speak it, but I'm not that kind of good speaker. I need to burst my things, which are very bad, and I that's why I just joined this application.…"

Mack Int Ministries

@Mack22 · 8mo ago · 0:07

"…Thanks for allowing me to be APAT. God bless you all.…"

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