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Welcome to Swell! Say Hello!

Hi. Welcome to Swell, just like you're hearing my voice right now. Very soon we hope to hear your voice and see that's how this works. Swell is about listening and talking. And you could join a conversation or you could start one of your own. It's really simple. The best way to start is to jump right in. So hit the reply button here and say Hello. I'm here. You're not the only one. Take a listen. It's

Let us know you’re here. #firststeps

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Happy to be here!

Hello? I'm here
Arish Ali
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Hello, I am here or am
Bowie Rowan
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Hello? I'm here
Sudha Varadarajan
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Hello? Is this me? You
Deborah Pardes
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@sudha contuing the song... ;)

Over someone loving you thank you for that shoutout to the song Suda was wonderful
I thought those
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I'm here too!

Hello? It's great to be here
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#here I am

Hello? I'm here
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Hello. I am here
Syed Arij
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Hello? I'm here
Afreen Ali
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Hello. I am here
Afreen Ali
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Hello? I'm here
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Hello? I'm here
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Welcome to Swell!

Alon Goldsmith
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Hello. I am here
Neerja Narayanan
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Hello from the other side
Ben Schon
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Good afternoon
Luke Rothschild
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Hello? I'm here
Holly Rothschild
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Hello? I'm here
David Spitzer
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Hello. I am here in Anna Treadmill. What's that say about my life
Denis Matson
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Hi, sue. And Eric, I'm here
Sherril S
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Hello. I am here
Erika Schon
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Hello. I am here
Caron Post
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Meredith Scott
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Hello? Hello? Are you out there
Natalie spiro
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Hello, Guillmora? Salu, Ciao
Wendy Haines
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Wendy Haines
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Hello. I am here
Danny Moynahan
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Hello I'm here and I'm psyched
Deborah Pardes
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So psyched! @danny

Danny, I am psyched that you are here. So psyched
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Hello. I am here
Michael Ehrenberg
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What can we do to put in motion, Justin, one thing, a friend of mine who is African American, put up a blog about the 65 things that white people can do to take action now to sort of melt away, dissolve some of the immediate issues around what's happening in our country. So I'm going to find out where that blog is, and then I'm going to come back and reconnect with everyone and see what kind of action items I can take myself. Cheers to everyone
Vivek Hari
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Hello? I'm here
Kazmyn Zercher
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Hello? I'm here
Kamy Akhavan
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Hello. I am here
Aditya Viswanathan
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Hello. I am here
Shashank Shekhar
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Hey, Sedra, Indy, Cristi, Congratulations on getting the app out. I'm here and looking forward to using the app
Saurabh Kumar
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Hello? I'm here
Keerti Pragz
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Knock, knock, I'm here
Vaishali Patel
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Hello? I'm here
Mtwadamela Ijogo
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Yo, what's up? I'm here in the house
Zubin Irani
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Hello, Irish, amuse
Biplove Belwal
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Bowie Rowan
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@Mtwadamela 🎉

Mta it's Rachel. I was so excited to hear your voice. Hopefully you remember me. I am so excited to see you here on other swell up. Thank you for saying what's up
Rajesh Krishnan
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Hello From Chicago
Digital Learner
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Hello Trish and Sudha and the Swell team this is Sanjeev so good to be connected on this platform with all of you used to work with you during the Scala days Banda enforces good to be connected again loving this
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Erich Soldat
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Hello? I'm here
Linda Smith
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Hello, I'm here and ready to inspire and aspire can't wait to talk to some more of you
Aniruddha Basu
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Hello? I'm here
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Hello, Everyone happy to know you all