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Merry Crashnas!!

Something searing in my lap. It was the engine. The engine and the steering wheel was all smashed in. I looked over to left. Oh, my gosh. Disgusting. Had a bone stick in that compound fracture. And after that, I'm like, oh, my gosh. And the people, the medics were there, and I started asking questions, and they thought they were seeing a ghost because they didn't know I was alive. So I started cutting up because I was in shock

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Wow!! Whatwasthatlike?

Get out. God, can you believe that? What was that like? I'm not sure. It's icy. Oh, my gosh. What kind of state were you in? What did you think of? Were you unconscious? Did you come out? Were you afraid you're going to hell or glad you're going to heaven? Was anybody with you? Whatever happened? How long did it take you to get to go in the hospital? Please let me know
Deborah Pardes
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Wow. Swampy. Okay, you just asked a bunch of questions of yourself, so I'm wondering. I'm not gonna ask those questions. I'm gonna ask, did this voice of your narrative come with your accident? Did you start realizing that you were a storyteller? Because you are an exceptional one? I'm glad you're still with us and happy to hear your voice here