By the way, this is also what Jews were doing in the synagogue yesterday. We were reading the Torah, our Torah, from the beginning, mid Rashit they tried to stop us reading from our Torah, from our sacred Torah. They tried to end it. We were at the synagogue yesterday and we were reading from the Torah, because Am Israel high, and no one's going to stop us from reading our Torah. It's also a new week and it's also a new month today

First time podcasting a live event in our small jewish community, we support and stand with #Israel. #marketing #socialmedia #sanpedro #community

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But this is a very much larger, complex conversation. But the bottom line is terrorists need to be stopped. And if they're being in Gaza, we need to get them out of Gaza. Any country would do this and I believe we need to unite around that. But it's not really what I believe. It's about the discourse. It's about the kindness in our hearts to hear each other and feel each other during times of pain. And that's what you're doing


And that was a story that was told, and it was very deep, and it was felt because they wanted to cry. The Jewish wanted to cry when they were talking about these stories because it really hurt them. It really hurt the families. I can imagine
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Since you did this in a question and answer, by the way, I do want to ask you a question that you can answer. Tell me a little bit more about your connection to the march itself, to the rally. How did you feel going? What was the impetus to go? What did you learn at the rally, and how are you feeling now?


And it's so, you know, we need to put a stop to, you know, voicing our opinions and also getting the opinions of other people, especially Jewish people that have families that are just very important right now in this time that we're having. So, yeah, I feel really good about it
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All the Jews that lost their family in that terrible bombing. I'm sorry this has happened. My prayers go out to the ones that's missing, the Americans. I stand with you all. God bless America, everyone. That's all I wanted to say. I stand with


And thank you for answering, because this is a time when we have to speak our voice and unafraid and put it out there and stand for our beliefs and in what we believe us and not be afraid of it. So I thank you for answering. Bye
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You. I think this what you did is the epitome of what it means to be a human being. Someone who stands up even in the face of darkness and retaliation and is willing to declare that my humanity is more important than my survival as a species looking for their instinctual needs. I think this celebrates humanity. Thank you so much for that. Bye


And they have to export them to different countries, even here, to the United States. And they were taking all their avocados. So they were stealing their business. And what happened, they created a circle. They created a community. And they said, if you come for our avocados, we're going to fire back. And that's what they did. And what happened was that the cartels didn't show up no more. So they showed up of saying, we will not be bullied