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Bye bye Gina! Lucasfilm has officially let go the Cara Dune actress over "abhorrent" social media post.

Alright everybody. Well, it looks like Gina Corano known for her work in the WWE, but most recently for her work in The Mandalorian. As Cara Doon will no longer be in the Star Wars universe. She has been let go by Lucasfilm and will no longer appear in the hit series The Mandalorian. She shared a post to her TikTok a few days ago comparing being a Republican or Conservative to being a Jewish person in N*** Germany

https://s.swell.life/SSOj0tluxCvFmaZ #starwars #themandalorian

Average Joe
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Maybe they think she should still be employed after that s*** that she dropped. What are you supposed to do with these people? Seriously, how are we supposed to get along with them? Right. And again, like I was saying to that guy, the fact that you're older and still think like, this is inexcusable it's inexcusable we should not have to have these conversations
Logan Kelley
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You left Disney money to say that Republicans are the modern day Jew. Are you kidding me? Oh, my God. It just goes to show you. You can't make it up. These people will say and do anything to get attention. And, wow, just wow. But, yeah, glad she's gone. Good riddance. Goodbye. And on to the next
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Welcome to Swell!

Average Joe
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One of my favorite tweets I ever saw was Ben Shapiro. Sounds like a racist Kazoo. And he does. He sounds like a little racist kazoo. But look, hey, see how it can turn out? Every cloud has a silver racist kazoo lining. And hers is that she no longer works for Disney and is in Star Wars. But she's will be in a Ben Shapiro film
Paige Lovelace
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I found her particularly disgusting because my great grandparents fled Poland before the war because they knew that something bad was going to happen. And they came to the United States. And Gina is particularly disgusting for comparing the two Republicans and Jewish people in the Holocaust. She got what she deserved. 100%. That makes me so because for a long time I bet she felt that way, but she never expressed it. She just got up enough nerve to express it. But those are her true feelings