The pandemic has passed and things, but it's still real, it's still out there, just like the flu and just like everything else. Anyway, I caught it because my husband has it. Now I have to watch for my child


Deborah Pardes
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I'm just feeling for you and I know that when you have this much time down in bed and you're thinking, it definitely can be its own different kind of challenge separate from the COVID challenge, because your mind is extremely creative and we can tell good stories and bad stories, but mental wellness is so important for physical wellness and it sounds like you're sort of right in that vortex
Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 2:40
Hey, Katie, thank you for sharing. Yeah, it's a weird time. I think for over two years myself, I went without traveling more than I did prior to COVID. And then it in the midst of a pretty busy month for me. I just moved and I went to a yoga festival in Sedona and worked a lot and then took a week off barely and then traveled to Northern California to do another yoga festival. And apparently at that yoga festival I caught it as well
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So you have to give the pain medication in order to give it a break so that it can heal, right? And I think some of these things align with that. If we didn't have to worry about the mental gymnastics or struggles we give ourselves because of expectations others on our own, well, then we could allow our physical bodies to heal. And if we allowed ourselves to ask for assistance, then we could allow for our bodies to heal, right?
Katie Spottedcrow
@spottkat2u · 2:16
A little bit more, but it's been so hard, but I'm doing it and I don't know how, but it's happening. So thank you guys for everything. And I'm still healing. I ended up having to stop eating breads and things