Sovereign Eats
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Herb foods or food medicine that support your feminine journey and womb health

For me, one of the most amazing herbs that I continue to use and enjoy using is Chase tree Berry, also known as Vitex. Another one is the well known mother's word. Mother's word is Latin for the lionhearted one. So I feel like I really connect with mother's work and her ability to just initiate openness and acceptance on an energetic level

Sharing herb foods and food medicine that aid us as wombmyn. Our journey through all stages; crone, mother, and rmaiden.

Deborah Pardes
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Ahhhh ! Rose ( water and oil) and Milk Thistle

I find rose to be super medicinal in terms of I don't know. I feel like when I use it on scars, when I use it on my face, I've actually used it in the what do they call the things? The Steamers. I'm not remembering the word right now. When you have a cold, you use eucalyptus and things, but this is more for subtle inhalers where you're trying to just breathe in some really beautiful essential flowers