Inspired by Brene Brown. Daring Greatly

It's only been in my personal continued work through Renee and other soul teachers that I've discovered that I learned that my refusal to be vulnerable, in addition to my Baptist Christian upbringing with an emphasis on serving in order to get to heaven. I'm definitely going to do a swell on that at another time. But it's only through those things that I began to understand the roadblocks that I had to be vulnerable and to being able to receive help

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:43


It's a lifelong thing. And it's also dynamic, depending on who you're working with, who you're intimate with, who you're engaging with. Yeah, really good stuff. Thank you
Lara Kline
@Vocalizah · 4:06


This was such a beautiful reflection on that quote. It's so hard, I find, to like, quote Renee Brown off the cuff at all. I should, because all I I don't have have physical copies of any of her books. I only have the audiobooks, and I got those from the library. So it's hard
Jai Staton
@SistahSoul · 2:24


Hey, hey, hey. Vocalizah. Thank you so much for responding. Isn't Renee Brown incredible? I really appreciate your response and your transparency and being vulnerable, vulnerable in your response to that post. First of all, I wanted to say kudos to you for the audiobooks because I have such a challenge with audiobooks because I not only want to hear the words in my head or have someone read them to me, but I want to see the words on the page as well