Joy In The Journey

And so today I made time to jump on Swell because you make time for the things that you enjoy and I enjoy interacting with you guys here. So I made time for a swell today and I had this crazy idea. I thought that I was going to jump back onto Swell and I was going to go through all the posted messages and swells that I've missed since I've been away for this month

#joy #beenaminute #blessup #thepathunfolds #manifest #createsomethingnew

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:26
Great to hear your voice chewing gum or not. Really nice that you came back and you're hearing some expansion, and I can't wait to have your voices in some of these conversations. There's a lot of them, and I'm really enjoying them as well. And it's every day I feel like, god, this conversation went in this direction. I didn't know that. It's always a joy and a pleasure to jump in again. Or not. Or just listen
Jay S
@CoachWithJay · 1:42
It's a great platform and I enjoy it. And about parsing in between your crazy day to day activities, taking deep breaths and looking within yourself and raising your vibration, get out, do a quick run walk or listen to music. These are the things which we can do to replenish our energy and get back into the high wiping mode so that we can give to ourselves and to whoever surrounding us