Shrinidhi Iyer
@Shrinidhiiyer · 3:59

Fashion and Society!!

At that moment, I really wanted to punch his face. I don't really encourage violence, though. Fashion doesn't define who you are. If a person judges you for the clothes you wear, I guess that person should be questioned, and it makes me wonder about all the women out there who are capable enough to reach heights but are pulled back on their feet just because of the way they dress. There are still birds who live in a cage thinking that flying is illegal. I agree

It's one life, Don't let other's opinion enter your way #fashion #judgements #society #stereotypes #lifestyle #india #rules #opinion #judgementalworld

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:13


It's an ongoing question I always have about sort of the conflict between religious ideologies and the freedom of someone growing up in an assimilated world. I think it's truly a complicated conversation. So thank you for bringing it here