Chasing Dopamine

So tap away from having to pay. The trains delayed, they take two buses and plan for the strike, rent a Boris bike or they take a cab. The streets diverted, they're growing anxious, impatient, impartial, unimpressed. They scroll on, devices divisive. Nothing holds their interests, their inner lives frenetic, their insta lives prophetic. They conjure jealousy and strangers who will never know the dangers of the loneliness of the city because it presents as something pretty and substantial

#adhd #London #neurodivergent #adhdwomen

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 2:19


But there's something about what you wrote which makes it very intimate and small, but also very I don't know, just horrifically large. It's like Galactic on some levels, all the tumult, but all the beauty underneath it. Thank you. And my question to you, if you want to answer, is, did you write this in one sitting and were you writing it outside somewhere or did you write it inside? I'm just curious