Happy 18th to Me😆

So fun, so nice. And I am still actually like, I don't know if this happens to you guys probably does. But obviously I don't mean this now call way, but do you ever just get hungover from, like, a party? It's like you still feel so tired from that party. Or, like, it's been two days since the party. My party was on Friday, even though my birthday was yesterday. It was on Friday
Hey It'sme
@Ryl · 1:12

Happy birthday !!!!

And that your 18th birthday is one that you never forget for a long time. Obviously, it won't be because as you cried a lot, even if there were happy tiers. But your 18th year in general, I hope it's a wonderful one that you remember for a long time. Happy Birthday again. Bye
Sontaia Briggs
@PKBriggs · 0:32

Happy Birthday! It just gets better and better!

Happy Birthday, many blessings to you. And yet it only gets better and better from here. That's it. I just saw this and I was like, wow, 1818 is a big deal. I haven't been 18 quite a long time, but Happy Birthday. Yeah. And when you're an adult, people just get you cash. So it just really does get better and better. But good to have friends, family, love