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Hi, it's Shawn with news of the day. The authorities in Kansas City, Missouri, said that on Thursday that the shooting that tore through the city Super bowl celebration, killing one person and wounding nearly two dozen others, appeared to have stemmed from an argument between several people. Stacy Graves, the city's police chief, said there's no indication that the shooting was connected to terrorism
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:46


I think you meant the team and not the people, but I think the team did well and they won fair and think, you know, sports in general is a symbol of another kind of aggression that we need to get out. It's sportsmanship and all that stuff, but we can look at it in different ways through different lenses. But violence is violence
Shawn Schepps
@Shawn_Christy · 0:26


You. Yes, Deb. I meant Kansas City, the football team. They were not my football team. The 49 ers were my football team. But I'm telling you, Kansas City's defense animals in a good way for the game. That's set. Bye