This is the question that we have open to Bite Dance and more so, the question of national security, but also global security. Byte Dance employees are under. The ones that work in Beijing are under fiction of a communist government that has a law that says at any point in time, we can come in and request your data and you have to give it to us. Oh, and you can't tell anybody that we told you to give it to us. That is seriously concerning

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 2:27


But what confuses me is when something is banned at the national level or even at the state level, I still don't understand how it can control people's access to it, at least in our country. I know that the Justice Department is looking at how TikTok is bothering our journalists and they know that data has been obtained. But again, I don't know to what end all these discoveries have to do with an eventual ban. I don't really understand how they have such access to our data