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Your ultimate dream home complete w/portals to ANYWHERE!

So I could simply take a step from the bedroom to the kitchen, to the living room and travel to all of these different places. Mind you, for several reasons, each room also has a door to the outside world. So where are the rooms in your imaginary dream home? And why did you choose those locations?

Where would each room be & why? Let's play! #PlumbPlays #imaginativeplay

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Shammi Mohamed
@shammiΒ Β·Β 2:42
Then my bathroom that would be in Japan. And the reason for that is just look up toilet bowls and bathroom amenities in Japan. And you'll understand why. And finally, my garage will have to be somewhere near the Alps or some place where there are beautiful, beautiful roads to drive that you just want to enjoy driving. There you go. Those are my choices
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Ooh! An invite? And let's incorporate an additional feature! @shammi

And I can tune that bubble in to be anywhere. So let's say sometimes I have it on the moon, and sometimes I'm going to steal your idea and go visit Saturn. And sometimes I think I'm going to dial it into Jupiter because I'd love to see Jupiter. And now I learned recently they have rings. I had no idea or tune in to maybe see a Nebula somewhere. I don't care which one
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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardesΒ Β·Β 2:19

Make it so!

Such a good exercise. I love this. I want invitations. Also, it's good. It's good to think about this open plan house, living room, kitchen, dining room, lots of windows out on the expanse of a big ocean and then mountains behind you. So you have both things. That's why I love California so beautiful. Maybe Salsalito, maybe Malibu, maybe Mendocino. So that's the open plan area
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Bernie Goldbach
@topgoldΒ Β·Β 2:59

Wanting @'FiremanRich's 🌽 field and @stevewoz' 77s garage.

I would somehow be replaced that with solar heat and convert the storage space by tripling it and putting really good linen in there. Bed linen. That's what I want. Make me comfy downstairs. We have a hallway that's Gray as you walk. I like the look of it because it reminds me of the fuselage of my C 141. So I would convert that hallway into a 360 audio space of what it was like walking into the 141. We have three bathrooms. Two are small ones big
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I love this! @DBPardes @topgold

I love this. I love this dinner. I can just imagine that your your rooms on the ocean would have glass windows to see as well being able to see everything moving by and without it sounding weird. I'm intrigued by your bedroom and the view and the sounds. And by the way, the crickets in the background are a nice touch. And, Bernie, that when you describe your garage. Garage, you sound like a kid in a candy store
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Richard Roberts
@FiremanRichΒ Β·Β 4:56

@topgold thanks! πŸ˜·πŸ‘ Already living in my dream house & very happy. 🏑

It does have aluminum siding, which is sort of actually preserved the house here over the years, I would probably end up probably redoing the basement. We don't use it's sort of half concrete, half dirt basement, old school type house here. And most of the houses that are here where I live at are built like that. So I probably redo the basement as far as the foundation, lift it up and redo the foundation
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Arish Ali
@arishΒ Β·Β 0:37

@SeekingPlumb can these be portals through time as well?

I have a question for Christina. Can these be portals through time as well and not just space? So maybe I could have a study set in Princeton when Einstein was there. Maybe you can have him come back more for coffee and talk. Or maybe bedroom gazing out where dinosaurs are roaming in the Jurassic era. Obviously, I'm assuming the safety is given. These are indestructible secure portals. But if you add time to the mix as well, I think it adds up even more
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Absolutely! Sooo fun! @arish

Ooh. I love this. Absolutely. Why not? Yes. Oh, now I'm going to have to think on this for my imaginary dream. Home
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Todd Mitchell
@TodzillaΒ Β·Β 3:21
I was actually going to GDC to talk to game developers and do interviews and stuff. And back home, there was a crew going through my old house in Southern Illinois to film it for this show. None of us were on the show, just our house. But that's a crazy thing I have. I have a copy of an episode with our old house on it. Our house now. We're over on the Missouri side of the Mississippi now
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Another great idea! @Todzilla

So to be able to turn that option on and off, whether they could see me or I could interact. I think I that's the way to go. By the way. Congratulations on your new home. It sounds absolutely beautiful being surrounded by all of the nature and yeah, so Congrats
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