Russell Bolding
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I Need Your Help and Some Advice

And that's what I'm going to be posting it's for a web series. I've been trying to get done now for two and a half years, and I'm still nowhere close to having it done. So anyway, to close it to wrap this up, let me know what you think, please. What kind of videos do you like to watch? I know you watch YouTube. You can't tell me you don't. I know

In this edition of Swell After Dark, Russ seeks advice for potential YouTube video ideas... and junk!

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 2:28

Your voice on Swell - take us on your your journeys #storytelling #voice

You could have some sensitive, beautiful ones about empathy and the world the way it is just feel free. But the hope we have is that swell grows to be a place where it's the audio component of what YouTube is for people, and it gives us more engagement, and we get more involved because our brains are working to understand what you're thinking because that's what the human voice does. It gives a word like cow jumped over the moon
Russell Bolding
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Really kind of has opened my mind a little bit. I used to tell stories. I know you said you went to my YouTube channel and looked at some stuff there. Telling stories is something I always used to do. And I think I was pretty good at it, but potato, potato, whatever. So using Swell as a platform to tell stories sounds pretty good. I mean, I'm a visual kind of person. I love making visual things
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