Roomi Tarik
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Wake up, America, and don't sleep, India. It's time to swell it's the weekend. Come on
@Shaz · 0:04


Well, Hello, fellow swell casters
Roomi Tarik
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@Shaz - Shall we? We should!

The funniest part is that of all the people, I was not expecting an introvert. Someone who's got introvert in the bio to come up and make other first submission under dispose. That is refreshing. I'm actually laughing at that. So thank you so much, jazz. Welcome. And please add others. It's been a boring Saturday so far, so let's make it more fun, shall we
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Deborah Pardes
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A boring Saturday. That's a luxury. Isn't that beautiful? You can do anything you want. You can paint. You can walk, you can dance. You can Cook. You can sleep. If you're a doctor, you can definitely sleep. I bet you don't get deep enough
Roomi Tarik
@roomi · 2:43


And I was actually doing that. And I started watching SoccerFootball. Netherlands. I just wanted to watch some soccer because I'm a fan of football. It's difficult for me to call soccer and switch between soccer and football because you Americans kind of ruin it for us. But yeah, I had some sleep. I did sleep for a while for an hour or so. And, you know, as doctors, we don't sleep at all
Shahnaz Ahmed
@bookishpodcast · 2:44

My Saturday and Sunday download on you 😂

And then I just crashed, took a nap and worked on my query letter for my book and just kind of worked on my book and just chilled out. So that was Saturday. Today is Sunday. And what did I do? I baked a cake from scratch because that's what you do with cakes. You don't buy boxes. You Bake from scratch. Yeah, I start with the butter. Do people even know what butter is anymore?
Roomi Tarik
@roomi · 3:20


Okay, so you placed me in. Never mind. I'm coming this August when I come to you as this August, I'm going to test your baking skills because you're going to Bake me a cake and a bread because because I love my multi grain bread and they are so f****** expensive. Sorry for the effort for the F bomb. They're so efficient, expensive that I have to spend loads and loads of money every month on these breads
Roomi Tarik
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@bookishpodcast - Tell me more.

Hold on, hold on. Now. You said you were a doctor yourself. Tell me more. Tell me more
Shahnaz Ahmed
@bookishpodcast · 3:30

What was the topic? @roomi

I don't even think I save it on my phone anymore. So, no, I do not have a picture of my German chocolate cake. And also, I do not Frost the cake. So it just looks like the picture of just a random cake that came out of the oven. So nothing special about it. What? So ever. So there you have it. And oh, boy, the Pakistan thing. Yeah, I love it. You are like, please don't say anything