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River Hunter Wiley
@riverhunter87 · 5:00

Life Goal: Be a Kosher Pickle

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It's. So I am now at the age where I need to start taking blood pressure medication because I'm old. But this morning I went into the kitchen and I got my little cute glass of water and was seeing this little ditty about how we're pretty much just water. And that's all I need this morning is water and blood pressure pills and thinking about how we're 97% water

#pickles #autistic #transrights

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:14


Now, when I see your posts, I will only think of a walking, talking, dreaming kosher dill pickle. And I love when a metaphor carries us into the next moment of life with more clarity and more confidence. That's what's so good about metaphors. They kind of capture things in a more tangible way than other abstract things might
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River Hunter Wiley
@riverhunter87 · 3:29


So just want to let you know you're in the 2023 playlist because that Pickle song is good. But anyway, yes, I just wanted to say that I love that song. That was great. I can't wait to listen to more things on there. I wish I could write songs like that. I, unfortunately have never been good at writing my own songs, so I just try to write my own stories
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