Rayan Sabeti
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Sea shanty. The wellerman and my mother told me

Hey. So I've listened to quite a lot of seashantes these past few days, and I've got two in particular that are stuck in my head. The Wellermen. And what was it? My mother, my mother told me, I think they're really, really nice seashantis. I don't know if you're into seashantis, they sound really, really good and they're really catchy. I first heard of them on TikTok. I can got them stuck in my head from there

Sea shanty

Deborah Pardes
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Wait, Ryan, you have to sing them to us now. Sea shanty's are the easiest thing to sing. I promise. If you sing them, I'll sing them back to you. I mean, I'll try to sing them back to you
Neha M
@neha_munje · 0:14
I agree with Deborah. I was gonna say that I've never heard these. The seashantes that you mentioned. I've also never heard that term before. So maybe that's a me problem. But, Rayan, yeah, you should sing them for us
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Neha M
@neha_munje · 0:32
Hi again. I feel the need to update you 7 hours later. Okay. I searched them up because I was really interested and I actually have heard the welcoming song on TikTok as well. And it's really good. Good. And now that I know the term sea shanty, my mind is blown because this type of music is so good, I didn't realize. Yeah, I don't even know. The point is, I I have no words
Rayan Sabeti
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How about I sing the seashantes attempt to do so in another swell, but yeah, I'll give them a shot also. Yeah. Neha. They're really, really popular and they sound amazing. I don't know. Sea Shanty in general. It's just amazing things