#TellYourStory a time you weren’t seen

And as I went over to process this over the course of the day, I had to reflect that this person didn't know me. What capacity did they have to truly see me? And I think what made this so difficult is that I'm a person who is never not being who they are. It is very difficult for me, especially as an autistic person, to not be myself. I show up as me in every room

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 2:32


But it's really good practice to learn from those experiences by telling about them and maybe getting feedback. And the one that came to mind to me was, after 15 years in the performing world, I decided to go into the adult literacy space and raise money and awareness for adult literacy. And I did pretty well. I was doing some fundraising, using music as a way to raise money for projects that helped adults learn how to read. And I was speaking at a library conference in Sacramento, California