What hobby from early childhood would you revisit?

So in the past six months or so, I picked up the new hobby of slime. At the ripe age of 36, I've engaged in slime. If you've ever worked with kids, you know that this is a very hot topic for kids who want to make slime play with slime, etc. A nightmare of parents who do not want slime in their home, homes on their floors and their carpets

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:08


Oh, my God. I have a request. Please. You need to take a picture of your slime, because there's a lot of slime products out there. I want to know the one that you have. Sometimes I just look up and I see titles like this about slime, and it just makes me happy. Or the hashtag slime. I wanted to share a childhood thing that I did that I still do. Which whittling. I used to whittle wood when I was a kid