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Happy National Coming Out Day! πŸŒˆπŸ’—πŸŒˆ

Love this day because it really gives me an opportunity to slow down and reflect on my personal journey and also the journey of the people in my life who have come out, many of us several times throughout life in regards to our sexuality, our gender identity, for some people, the relationship structure they're in

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J.L. Beasley
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And so again, I appreciate you for the transparency and I will be doing my part in posting it on the group that I'm in and even coming out myself as a new person who is exploring polyamory, myself as a human. And I am learning each and every day and growing. And it's a journey, but it's definitely a journey. Thank you so much again and enjoy your day
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And then I got off of Facebook, and so I'm not in contact with friends from high school and college and stuff like that. So I haven't really come out to anyone except for my wife, and she's the most important person in my life. And I did come out to her, but even then when I did that, it wasn't like it was deliberate, it wasn't planned. I didn't have some letter that I wrote to her or anything like that, really
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Welcome to Swell!

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So it's just an important time for all of us to celebrate all stripes of people, all kinds of people, and identify, if we can, as an ally or a member and walk proud. And just to hear all of your voices is so encouraging. And I'm so happy that the state didn't go unnoticed, so I'm glad we're here noticing it
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And attachment theory is something I had read about before, but hearing about it within the context of polyamory and different kinds of non monogamy was so interesting to me and it gave me a deeper understanding of my own interests over the years in non monogamy and trying to figure out relationship boundaries and what I want throughout the course of my life. So I definitely want to note that. Here. Maybe I'll start another swell about it sooner
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And it just feels really like normal life and growth and evolution and I love those stories too. What actually is making me think about I recently rewatched the latest two seasons of Grey's Anatomy and there is a nonbinary doctor character on the show and I so appreciated how much this doctor was just introduced as Doctor so and So. I forget their name and everyone it wasn't like a whole big moment
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And I know for me, there definitely were many years, even when I lived in San Francisco, where I wasn't sure how safe or OK it would be for me to be out. And, you know, being young and in a financially precarious situation, you have to weigh a lot of factors and are super aware of the environment that you're in. And so I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to come out, for being who you are, and also for sharing here too
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And she's in a same sex marriage, so I was like, Dang, girl, I need to text her. But, like, we both shouted out at the wrong day. But it's a double negative for you because you are actually anyway. But I am relieved to see that you're just catching up on your responses and that we did not screw that up royally. Enjoy your evening
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@Her_Sisu Attached

I am once again catching up. So apologies for the delay. But I was so excited to hear that you're reading Attached, because I read it a number of years ago, and I found it super helpful and interesting