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Professor Z

 · 3mo ago · 4:14
Covid isn't over

"…Let's talk about asbestos. This is a little bit of a far right turn. The swell went asbestos. So asbestos was used primarily in houses and residential buildings in the everybody said, oh it's fine, everything's good, it's asbestos, it helps in the leaked your house and everything's good. And it wasn't until after that they found, hey, this stuff can cause some pretty serious health consequences.…"

So why do people act like it doesn't exist?


Debra Barb

 · 3mo ago · 2:12

"…It's very tough for me, as somebody who has suffered so much because of COVID, to walk into places like stores like you mentioned and to just see zero regard for protecting people and it's not even about me getting sick. But I still feel like if I am asymptomatic, I don't want my breath particles till could get somebody else sick. And I think as a country we definitely have lost a little bit of the compassion that probably existed before COVID and that makes me sad.…"


Lance Watson

 · 3mo ago · 4:55

"…Professor 42 Rev LJ I want to thank you for posting this. I was just having a conversation with a friend of mine about an experience that I had in the Era Port. I was headed to Dayton, Ohio. I owe by way of Richmond, Virginia. And on every plane that I got on, there were just an overwhelming number of people in a closed siloed space with no mask. And well, I get it right.…"

@Professor42: Airplane etiquette…