Forecast Wednesday’s: You Are a Participant.

I was listening to Infinite Evolution here on Swell talking about the power and the ability that we have to transmute. And from that it sits in my mind in my heart that you are a participant. You are a participant. Pk you are a participant. Listener. Ex. We are participants. What is the importance of knowing that you are a participant? If you have power, you have control. You can shift. Do you have ultimate control? Can you ultimately shift everything?

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Kamahana Kealoha
@Kamahana · 1:47
So we have a large part to play in what is in our lives and what is not in our lives. And I think the idea of me being the driver of my own vehicle through life is kind of similar to that. So I can appreciate your words and very good describing the light flickering through the leaves. It gives a really beautiful visual. I'm sitting alone and it's 300 in the morning because I have a sleeping issue sometimes insomnia and I sleep at the wrong times
Sontaia Briggs
@PKBriggs · 2:08

Wisdom 🙏🏾 @Kamahana

Sometimes waking up 433, 30, fall back to sleep like six. Then I have to get up at seven. It's a mess. But I don't know if you're like believing these things, these megahertz, these tones that heal and make you go to sleep and give you deep sleep. But I've been listening to those joints for about a couple of years, and it really works for me, particularly when I'm very stressed. It's hard for me to just get sound sleep