Existential Ponderings Ep. 8 - I Can Officially Run for President

And I was, of course, experiencing it myself, not only through going to the movies, but all the other movies that I've seen over the years. And it's such a special piece of our culture and our society to be able to have that shared experience with the audience. And one thing that I lament about how movies are delivered to us today is Old School Projectors. That's one of the most fascinating pieces of technology that I've dealt with

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Deborah Pardes
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Hey, Mark. I just wanted to acknowledge your specific love of the old cinema tech. I watched a beautiful film called Empire of light, based in England. It's a modern day story of an old theater and relationship of a few people who work there. Octavius, who's the famous woman was in it. I always mess up. Her name Olivia Coleman. Anyway, Empire of light. Check it out if you haven't seen it. And thanks again for contributing all your unique perspectives here