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Trump says we have the Coronavirus under control and we're winning! Thoughts?

So Donald Trump says that we got the Coronavirus under control and that we're winning. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, what? What's your thoughts on this? Are we winning? Do we have the Coronavirus under control? Tell me me why you think so, or why you don't. All right

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Chris From NJ
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Under control. We can't even get people to wear their masks, right? And not, like, over their nose. It's ridiculous. So under control, my a**. No, there's no way. Yeah, we can't get people to stop, you know, gathering in more than 30 people are on top of each other. So he's a schmuck. We're schmucks. Everybody's a schmuck
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I ain't boycotting s***. How about that? Speaking of schmuck, don't forget Robert de Niro and what he said better to be King for a night than a schmuck for a lifetime. And of course I wasn't going to try to do the de Niro. I can't do de Niro. And you want to hear my favorite Schmuck quote of Ali time? You might be confused. Like, how do you know all this, Howie? It's called Google. Jack
Chris From NJ
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Yeah. Schmuck is very endearing to me because basically, that's what my dad called me every day of my childhood. And I guess Goya, yeah, they are hosed right now. Right? So now slogan is Goya, oh, boy, yeah, poor stockholders. Yeah. Bobby de Niro, right. So he said he's crying poverty. It's only going to make about seven and a half million this year. So I feel bad for him
Rich Butters
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You got to stop politicizing things if you get your child sex slaves from Wayfair, you're not a f****** awesome Republican or like me, I get my child sex slaves from Ikea because I like Hardy people with Hardy Icelandic names to be my sex slaves because I live in New England. All right? I don't know where I was going with this, but anyways, in closing, f*** Democrats. F*** Republicans. Thanks, Opie
phil spade
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Everyone else is playing for 2nd!

You know, I do think we have this under control. We have 3.2 million cases. The next highest is 1.8 million with Brazil. So I think we have this win in the bag. I really do. Even though I'm a little worried about Brazil know, President Bolsonaro has even gone so far as to get coveted himself. So he's really going all out
Deborah Pardes
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It’s all about GAS #windbagpresident

Tying this all together from the girl from Asbury Park, New Jersey. Hello, Chris. I think that the beans and Trump have a lot in common. I think it's all producing hot air. And the more we have masks, the more we can keep the hot air inside
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I don't really know what that meant. Hot air masks, gas tanks, streams, Trump windbag. I know when I wear the mask. I don't smell people's farts anymore. So that's a good thing, right? Especially the old ones. They smell like an old dog that was left outside in the rain. Anyway. Rowan, that kind of went over my head. No effect, but good morning
Alice Carter
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Hi, y'all. This is Ali from Austin, Texas, and I can tell you because we're in the middle of a serious s*** show here that it is not over and people are not aware wearing their masks, and it's not good. So our governor is finally waking up, and hopefully he'll shut us down because that's what needs to happen. Where your masks, everybody
Howie Rubin
@Howie · 1:53
Hi, Chris from New Jersey. Boy, do I miss the accent? My wife and I were born and bred in New Jersey. We lost our green Pardes in 1981 and have been in Chicago ever since. You used use the word schmuck. I would like to add to that the word EMEs as we try and move forward. Emma, for those of you who don't know it is a Yiddish, certainly my part of New Jersey slang for truth. So I think we miss the word truth
Howie Rubin
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Wishful thinking on my part
Shammi Mohamed
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Hey, Phil, I really enjoyed what you had to say and couldn't agree more with you. Yes, the President has it completely under control. Sarcastically speaking, of course, after all, US is number one in this right along those lines. Isn't it interesting that the top three countries in the world for COVID are USA, followed by Brazil, followed by India? What is common in all of these three?
Sudha Varadarajan
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America is definitely winning this war. And do you want to know who the losers are? It's Mongolia. See my link below
Deborah Pardes
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What a tripiod of stupidity

Shami. That's such an interesting and important thing you just said. It's so true. It's so true. All the Modi. And what's his name? Ba. Ba, BA BA, who has covet and Trump. They're all bullies. And they don't believe in anything except themselves. Wow. That's pretty amazing. What a little tripod that is. Basilero. That's his name. That's his name. Glad it slipped my mind
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The bigger the ego the bigger the problem the Coronavirus has been.

Simply put, the bigger the ego of the politician that runs the country or the state in many cases here in America, the biggest problem this coronavirus has been it's as simple as that. It all comes. Rowan is down to greed and stroke in the politician's ego. And I say that being a moderatelimitarian, I don't really fall on the left or the right. I alright. Bye
Bowie Rowan
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@sudha 😭

Suda. This is the best thing I have seen in relation to Coronavirus in the past several months. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am sharing it with every single person who will listen to me. This is amazing and inspiring. It gave me the chills. Thank you
Daniel Hastings
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In relation to the coronavirus, I'm going to go head to head with the schmucks and say, Minka
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Welcome to Swell!

Bromar P
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I wouldn't say that we're winning, nor I would say we're losing. However, I do know a country that's definitely winning in this coronavirus thing, and that is Japan. And Japan probably has one of the lowest mortality rates in regards to the coronavirus virus. And what's interesting about Japan is that their population is really dense, and it's probably higher than here in the United States, more than likely