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Should we be opening up the schools with the Coronavirus still out of control.

Alright, man. How are you? What's going on, man? I got a question for you. Should we be opening up the schools for the kids in the next few weeks? With this coronavirus out of control, love to hear from you. All right

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Sudha Varadarajan
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And even though both my kids schools allow for online and in person options, I think I'm going to elect for just the online education, at least until we just know more about this virus, especially all the Asymptomatic symptoms. When I look at what Asymptomatic really means, even if kids are not that susceptible to this virus, they are likely to carry it home and the virus is likely to mutate with so much transmission amongst families
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Safe way to have the kids play sports! More on the "Opie Radio" podcast

Hi, Sudha. Or is it Sudha? Thanks for asking about my name. Yes, it is. O Pai. Because I love my Opie as an o PA. I especially be like strawberry Rhubarb pie if you're asking. Thanks for answering my question about whether we should reopen the schools in a few weeks. For the kids with this pandemic out of control with the coronavirus, I like to call it Corona. Matter of fact, I have a suggestion
Deborah Pardes
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#imagination #bubblewrap #play

So I think whether kids go back to school or not go back to school, we need to encourage them to play with them, play in that space, like to stay imaginative. And then we adults need to just gather away and let them play, because in that playful space, even if it's for homework, they're going to be receiving the education they need. Because I'm just so inspired about how kids are handling this. More adults are banging their heads against the wall than kids are
Mtwadamela Ijogo
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Of course not. They should definitely not be opening up the schools, but they shouldn't have opened up the States the way they open them up either, because now there's more cases, cases and more infections than we had before. We went on lockdown the first time, but I'm not sending my kids to school
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D***. Look at the big brain on Deborah imagination and play with the kids. Let me tell you what I do. First thing in the morning. I hand out the ipads, and then I go, efficient
phil spade
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What do teachers think?

Opie. Oh, my. Hey, I really enjoyed the podcast that you shared there with Judge Jones. It actually was the first time I've actually listened to something in a long time where I'm listening to people talk about out a topic with common sense. So thank you. And the thing that you guys mentioned that I want to raise here is that everything has become this all or nothing game. It's either this or that, and there's no in between
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Bra f******. Oh, we are a society of dummies. And I don't understand why we continue to follow our leaders when they let us down, left and right. We should be following the scientists. It's so obvious this is a health crisis. This isn't a political thing. We shouldn't be making mass political. We shouldn't be making reopening schools political. This is a health crisis
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But that could mean that you might be wrong about your political ideology. And they would rather throw their kids back into school because they feel like some because this is going to p*** off some people because they feel like if they send their kids back to school during this pandemic, that it's supporting Donald Trump. And I said this earlier that the Corona virus should have never been political. It's a health crisis. Take care of your family, take care of your kids
Sudha Varadarajan
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I don't know if this is corruption or foolishness, but if you are the head of an Institute called the center for Disease Control, and you're willing to knowingly put the life and safety of children and community at risk in order to satisfy a higher power, then that's probably not the right job for you. I here is a link to an article that I just read, and I just don't know what to say to it
Sudha Varadarajan
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Does that mean that we are saying it's okay to put a significant percentage, whether it's 15%, 10%, 20% of our teachers at risk of a serious health condition, that it is to do that
Deborah Pardes
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So disturbing ... the value of life itself is in the balance

And are we willing to do that? Are people dispensable? Is their health dispensable? This is an extreme example. But we talk about when we're at war with nations. We look at people who are suicide bombers, and we say, oh, that culture doesn't value life because they blow up themselves and they must not value life. And I've always believed, yes, it's horrific to see other countries that have this Kamikaze suicide mission. And you're like, who are they?
Daniel Hastings
@dlhastings · 2:58

End of complacent trust

We can't do that anymore. All of the institutions have become. I hate to use the word corrupt because it's overused at this point, but corrupt not focused on the best interests of the people. They're not working for the people. So we have to admit that and then look out for ourselves. That's just the way it is. We're not going to be listening to when any government official tells us it's okay to go back to school
Bowie Rowan
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This entire conversation completely horrifies me. And yet I can't stop listening. The only thing I wanted to add in here, if anyone else has additional thoughts, is I am viewing the Reagan President see in a completely different context now, and I'm seeing it in some ways as building a foundation for someone like Trump to take office. And I have been wanting to rewatch this documentary I watched years ago. It was like a three hour long or four hour long PBS documentary about the Reagan presidency