Oscar K
@OKRL · 3:16

Feeling Behind While Finding Your Path (and lack of drive through lack of goals)

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This conversation with this person today was interesting, and it was definitely nice to hear that someone who had sort of done the process so late and was quite successful in sort of changing their careercollege path. So yeah, love to hear what others think and others experiences with this. I think it's important. Yeah. So let me know what you think. I appreciate it
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 2:52

Be in tune with your delight 🎈

What you study in College kind of lays the foundation of your ability to access information, process. It critical thinking. There's so many layers to being in school in general that prepare you for the real world. Unless you're becoming a doctor where you need prerequisites. I think a lot of studies, especially in the early part, early years of College, just kind of get you into the groove, into the rigor that you need to succeed
Niki Ebrahimnejad
@N1kkums · 4:55
And I think just like finding that piece that I am not obligated in any way to be on like a set track just because it's sort of liberating. And, of course, for certain professions, there's obviously like a timeline for doing things like, for example, if you wanted to be in the medical profession, as, say, a doctor or surgeon, definitely there is like an optimal timeline for doing things in order to get there
Chloe Kaminskas
@chlomonsta · 3:05


And I'm currently a conservation resource studies major. I currently am just like, I really love the environment stuff like that. But I feel like I'm a little bit more drawn to other subjects sometimes