RJ Stanley
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A few inventions

Hi. I'm an invaderate inventor, and I'd like to share some ideas in garners and group discussion with them. So the first thing I'd like to share is something we call the fight Firestick. A long time ago, we worked a lot in Africa, East Africa. I was a person doing renewable energy, and I noticed that people would use a small piece of Reed and they would put that into the fire and blow on the fire like that

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Michael J.
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Hello, Mzurisana. Very, very nice idea to show your inventions. Each post is a new invention. Like a new surprise every day. Love the post and keep them coming
Taylor J
@Taylor · 0:13

Very cool!

Rj love the story. Very, very cool. Love seeing you in action with the fire stick. The fireplace looks mighty cozy right about now. It's absolutely freezing where I am, at any rate, hope you're well
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Mohamed Zaghloul
@madymz · 0:42
It's a really great invention. It's really nice. I like it too much. At the beginning I was confused because when I heard that the Forest Lake, I know that there is one accessory is like a tool. You install it in a TV to convert to turn this TV to smart TV, which calls for stake as well. So I news. But when I looked to the Photo, I realized that it's really inventions. Ideas like it too much. Keep going. Thanks
Tim Ereneta
@Tim · 0:36

question about safety

Hey, RJ. I was thinking about such a tool. The other I can't remember where someone had a backyard fire and had a similar technique for directing air. But here's we were talking about having a one way valve on it because you wouldn't want to accidentally inhale. So I'm wondering if in your invention that was marketed for safety, did you have to include some kind of valve or a one way flow diffuse so that people could not inhale a hot air or smoke from the fire