Indianapolis racial hatred massacre on Sikhs

I would love to talk about what's going on with us because we're not just getting vilified by the American government, killed by Americans on American soil, but we're also getting vilified by the Indian government because we're stepping up against injustice in India. And it almost feels almost hate to be conspiratorial, but it feels too coincidental. That like why in the early nine 2000s, Americans started killing and literally there was a massacre in Wisconsin. There was several other maskers

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phil spade
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Where does this come from?

And it just always seems that is it the turban, because I feel that a lot of people that actually attack or that would attack somebody wearing a turban. Only thing that they would really know about that religion would be that it's different from theirs. And there's an automatic dismissal of that person as a person different attack. Like I mentioned, I don't understand where this vilification comes from
Indy Rishi Singh
@MysticScientist · 2:57
We are all crowned just by existing by being on this planet. We are all Kings and Queens. We have the ability to embrace that. And I think that creates a lot of dissonance and cognitive dissonance and maybe even insecurity in people. It's a lot of insecure, let alone the economic insecurity people are experiencing, let alone the brainwashing and propaganda they get, whether you're right or left wing, right, so much propaganda, you don't even know what sick people law
Deborah Pardes
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Amplification/ representation in every sector🌱

I'm so happy we're having this conversation, Indy, and I don't like to just have things live in the headlines and then not live into my life. And your voice of clarity and of pathos. Speaking of pathos is so critical here. I didn't know the statistics that you just shared about how sick people are percentage wise, more attacked and abused in terms of a demographic
phil spade
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I don't know that I know a lot about the Singh religion, but one thing that I do know I believe is that it's really kind of based on social equity or social equality, and I've always believed it to be one of the more peaceful, if not the most peaceful religion on the planet. And it just is amazing to me that by pure ignorance and just complete lack of knowledge that somebody can take it 180 degrees the other way. I don't know. It's absolutely maddening
Indy Rishi Singh
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Search "why sikh Americans again feel targeted..." (I'm not allowed to shar

I think what's really interesting too, in terms of from my perspective, as I've been studying Sikh history and also understanding what has happened to us and why so many sick people themselves have become so colonized and Imperial themselves. They've lost their philosophy and art by living outside. Even the ones living in India have forgotten where we came from and how we survived and how we are the interesting perspective of humanity that is a unifying
Deborah Pardes
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Organizing for change with Voices Rising @MysticScientist

So perhaps a private group with the people you're talking with to get something organized would be a great first step and then opening up a swallowcast about this topic and really keeping it flowing with calls to action and opportunities to sort of connect to all the goodness and all the important things that need to be embraced at this point in our culture. So I'm just happy among Swell with you. That's my biggest response here
Howie Rubin
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Interesting numbers
Indy Rishi Singh
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Cultural IQ justice league

There is education on various cultures, whether it's Baha'i, specifically cultures, not just the major religions and the major ones that people know of, but also like Sikh, like Bahai, Zaraja and Dao, all these different cultures that don't really get a chance to be showcased and shared in the community. Those can be actually shared at the city halls at the city hall meeting
phil spade
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I mean, it just aligns with a lot of people that I know, but I don't know that they know much about it. And I just think the education of that would go a long way, especially. And by the way, I did find that article and that article was the same one that I was reading where they were referring to a study where 70% of people were we're identifying Sikh men as Muslims