First Table Read!

I love the people that come in there. I love my little desk. I love that we're in a strip mall. And I love that people invest in themselves to be heard and to be seen and to create their own content. And it just gives me joy. And so what I did was I turned it into a scripted comedy series with my new friend, Erin Glass. She's an Emmy award winning director. And last night, we had our very first table read

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Deborah Pardes
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So there's all those levels that can be engaged with, and it's really exciting that you're doing this and that you're expressing your enthusiasm here, because the journal you're keeping here really is another aspect to living into your vision. By sharing it and by giving people inspiration, you're totally inspiring me. So I really appreciate you stopping in and getting involved with this community, and I'm just happy to be a part of your fan club and take part in any way I can
Natasha Nurse
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@MichelleMurad Congratulations 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #soexcited #newjourney #purpose #drive

This dude, Ed, after, I think while I was pregnant, actually. Yeah, while I was pregnant. And then after I had him, I had just like binge watched watching the whole series during my leave time away from work. And it was phenomenal. I was dying. Dying. So when you tell me anything is like the office, I'm like, ears up. What? So excited for you. I would love to continue to champion you
Michelle Murad
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So I'm so grateful to be sharing my story, grateful for your ears and your voice, and I'm excited to continue to be part of the swell family in whatever capacity that is. This is so fun. I'm having a blast, and I'm broadcasting from my bed. This is so cool. Love it so much. I actually just shared it with a couple of my friends, my dear friend Drea, who's also going to be in studio place, the comedy series
Michelle Murad
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It's interesting how I had this epiphany where it was just like, I was becoming so obsessed with hating it. Then I was like, why? I just felt like I was in a toxic relationship. I was just like, wait, why am I talking so much about something I hate? Oh, wait, it's because I love it. Because I would film all these behind the scenes stuff, and I still do, and I film everything, and I love it
Natasha Nurse
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@MichelleMurad Mindset shift 🙏🏾 #content #creator #passion #drive

We get tied up in how many people liked it, how many followers did I get today, how many dislikes or folks who unfollowed me and all the things that don't matter. At the end of the day, was it content that you feel proud of? Can you stand behind it? Is it a part of a bigger strategy that you're implementing for the here and now?