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Hello my name is Michael, Im into cooking, comics,movies,basketball and collecting and i cant wait to get to know everyone on this app

Michael Blyth
@MichaelB288 · 3:11
Stupid Ghost Story’s
Michael Blyth
@MichaelB288 · 4:36
What I Hate About Myself

Love Yourself

Michael Blyth
@MichaelB288 · 4:51
Ratatouille Might Be The Best Cooking Movie

I Rambled On For Awhile

Michael Blyth
@MichaelB288 · 3:36
Mighty Ducks Is Back

Don’t Get Too Excited

Michael Blyth
@MichaelB288 · 2:01
Another cooking movie

3rd favourite cooking movies

Michael Blyth
@MichaelB288 · 1:08
Shooting hoop/exercise

Stay healthy

Michael Blyth
@MichaelB288 · 1:39
My favourite movie

Turn your brain off and laugh

Michael Blyth
@MichaelB288 · 1:46
This is absolute carnage

Highly recommend this comic

Michael Blyth
@MichaelB288 · 1:10

Bucks are going to beat heat

Michael Blyth
@MichaelB288 · 4:15
My 2 favourite passions

The 2 things I’m most passionate about, also not the best first swell but it will do for now