Michael Blyth
@MichaelB288 · 4:15

My 2 favourite passions

Hello. My name is Michael, and this is my first swell. If you couldn't tell by now, I'm going to start this off with my two favorite things, which is movies and cooking, and my personal favorite movie is Chef. And this movie is based off a real person named Roy Toy. And the plot of the movie is about a man named Carl, and Carl's passion is cooking and his family

The 2 things I’m most passionate about, also not the best first swell but it will do for now

Tim Ereneta
@Tim · 1:11

food truck!

Hey, Michael Tim here just wanted to weigh in. I have seen Chef really enjoyed it. And I've actually eaten at one of Roy Choi's pop up restaurants. I haven't been to a food truck, but my last trip up to La, we sought out a Taqueria where we could get Korean tacos from Roy Choi's brain. What was going to ask you? Do you have food trucks where you are?
Michael Blyth
@MichaelB288 · 1:11
Hey, Tim, to answer your question. No, I don't have food trucks around where I am kind of in a small area. You know, we only have, like, two fast food places then. Isn't that great? But I have been to a few food trucks, but nothing too fancy. And I also obviously like to Cook at home. I like to experiment with different things, and I'm really hoping to get that food truck running