Bo Freeman
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Egocentric or Critical Thinking Skill Mindset?

I've known them over Facebook and helped them, and it's really confusing and convoluted. Do you feel that way about politics and all kinds of things? Because a lot of it's driven by egocentrism, and that makes it really difficult to follow, right? So this is what I just want to get is a conversation going. What do you feel about this? Do you think a lot of people lead by egocentrism or critical thinking?

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I don't watch the news. I'm not really on social media too much. Or like, if I am, then I'm really selective on who I'm following and what information they're putting out. Because when I sense that the information is so biased and not really open minded to have conversations like this, then I can't engage in it
Bo Freeman
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So that's what you really kind of the way you think and view things that happen in life. But fabulous. Fabulous. Thank you for your response. Fantastic. Fantastic. 100% all based. And I am with you. I don't like watching the news. I try and get my news and my factual data here and there. I don't know if you're old enough to remember, but like Walter Cronkite and that's the news. It was factual data back then
Andrea Potvin
@GoodEnough · 4:02
And also I was sick as a child. I had to really pay attention to my body and what it was telling me, care for my, care for myself. And then also I've been caring for the needs of my family also. So I've been a caretaker for 50 years here. And it takes critical thinking to juggle all of that. So not that I feel intelligent or superior in critical thinking
Bo Freeman
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The growth of all of that throughout your life is so exponential compared to a lot of people who would choose to be angry and upset and not go on a growth mission. In a sense, to be emotionally intelligent and to be a person that chooses to rise above the trauma, the badness that comes to us in our lifetime is amazing and awesome and you should be recognized for that because not everybody does that and I'm so impressed with you, I just want you to know that
Andrea Potvin
@GoodEnough · 1:45


So my name is Andrea. I pronounce it Andrea. Many people I'll answer to anyway anybody says it because I think it is pretty. As for you giving me compliments, I so appreciate that. I don't look at it that way, I don't see myself that way. But I will accept that and thank you very much. I think the reason why I say that I don't feel like an electorate superior is because Narcissists will use that against you
Bo Freeman
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Oh, my goodness. You are very, very sweet. And thank you so very much for those beautiful, beautiful words. I greatly appreciate it. And you made my day. I just wanted to tell you that. Thank you so much. Peace and beach