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Stressed and Don’t Know It!

The emotional imprint into this data bank in your brain, anything could trigger it. A song, a smell, a certain light, whatever. It could trigger any of those things, depending on how it relates to that particular trauma in your brain, okay? That imprint in your mind. So anything could trigger stress. It could be things that you don't even realize that are actually stressing you out. Things like commonplace things. Being a parent, dealing with your children

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Bo Freeman
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The 3 Method of Deep Breathing

Hello, everyone. This is the continuation of what I was talking about with stress. So three method of deep breathing. I'm going to tell you what it is and then we're going to do it really quick together. So here's the thing. There is all kinds of benefits with deep breathing. As I posted here, this is a great little excerpt that I grabbed from Manuar Anwar. And this is amazing because 70% of the toxins that are in us are released simply by breathing properly
Bo Freeman
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Grounding 3x3 Method

And what you want to do is keep it down. Now, there's other things besides these two methods that I've shared on this post for today, but these are two of the tried and true ones that I utilize. If your anxiety and stress gets to a level where you can't deal with it anymore, I recommend professional help. Having a psychologist or a psychiatrist is very, very important to have someone to talk to about the things that are bothering you
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This is such a good conversation topic. I definitely. I definitely can see where that is happening in so many people's lives. And I think that stress is really undervalued as a multi symptom diagnosis almost. There's so many people who have long term health issues due to stress or due to chronic stress, especially chronic stress. It just wreaks havoc on your system. Even me. This past week, I've been super stressed, more than normal
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And they all have to do with things relating to anxiety and stress techniques that you can use. There are some people that think they have no anxiety, which we all have natural anxiety. It's just that a lot of people keep it at bay by techniques such as working out all the time. If you're going to the gym all the time, it's probably your stress relief if you're going. I'm not saying stress relief is always the gym, but. But certain individuals it is