Bo Freeman
@MHNmaven · 4:59

Critical Thinking Skill Mindset

That's the analysis that comes next, where you're systematically looking at it and trying to find the evidence to put that as true. And then the logic is finding the well rounded conclusion after doing all these steps. That's what critical thinking skills are. And it's very important to do this with anything anybody does, especially on social media today. People will post anything. Look, I'm really thrilled that we're all talking about mind health right now

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Courtney Hager
@CourtneyNH · 2:16
And context is so important, especially when it comes to nutrition, especially when it comes to health and wellness, that, yeah, the message to, for example, eat more fruits and vegetables for many people is a great idea. Right. But there are totally people that I work with that, honestly, I would prefer they focus on another area of their health