Michael Dell
@mgdell · 1:20

Camping in Benzonia Michigan

Supposed to have some thunderstorms tonight, so that down the hatches. And hopefully it'll be an uneventful evening. But anybody know how to get air pods to be the microphone and swell, that would be great. Otherwise all as well. And hopefully I'll start using this a little more. I also want to test how it looks on Facebook and Twitter since Twitter hasn't turned on the audio Twitter yet for me, but that's okay. If this works, everybody have a good evening

Camping, AirPods

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:31

Welcome! #airpod #sharing

We're going to be looking different when we share in social platforms because it will then enable people to hear Swells without using the app. They'll be sort of in a widget form on our website, so it enables people to experience Swell before they download the app, which is really nice. So they have an option to sort of get what we are and then download it and enjoy full conversations and have the ability to engage. So that's coming up in our next bill
phil spade
@Phil · 1:04

I hope you don't have the Midwest heat!

Hey, Mike, I actually had to look up Benzonia. I had never heard of Benzonia, Michigan, and it looks like on the map that it is right across from Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Lake Michigan, on the Michigan side. So very interesting. I'm in the Midwest, and I sincerely hope it wasn't 95 degrees yesterday, like it was here and the past two nights. I think there's been just huge storms, and you mentioned the storms coming