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Anthony Kaveh MD
@MedicalSecrets · 2:31

How privacy laws can hurt patients

Hello, everybody. This is Dr. Kave today. I want to talk about a huge problem in medicine called overly draconian and stringent Privacy laws. Now you're probably going to hear this and say, Doctor, what are you talking about? Privacy is really important in medicine medical care because I don't want my information to go public domain because it's private to me. And of course, I agree with you 100%. Privacy is very important and the patient provider relationship is sacred in many ways

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 2:53

How can we help?

I am 100% in agreement with you about the frustration of the flow of information and the flow of testimonial, because inside testimonial from a patient, it's different than testimonial from a doctor. That when a patient shares something, we receive it differently, and we sort of pathologize it even sometimes we don't listen to some of the nuances and the details because it's a person who's telling their story
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Anthony Kaveh MD
@MedicalSecrets · 2:58


And I have wanted so many times just to bring my camera with my patient and just have them speak about their story and how they're feeling because their story would help so many patients, whether it be in a support group for cancer or for an autoimmune disease or just anybody who's having any surgery and is anxious, which is probably 95% of all the patients that I ever have. So what do you think?
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