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Why Music Videos Matter

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"…It's such a good video, but it just captures your attention so well. So I think a lot of up and coming bands should take advantage of making music videos. It's easy to make a good video, low budget. You just need a good story. You can do it with iphones. And I've seen professional bands do with iphones, and they still look awesome.…"

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Taylor J

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"…Maybe it's because times have changed. I don't know. I like to think that the age of music videos was just something special.…"


phil spade

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"…I've got a really dumb question. And just curious as to, you know, how a kid, how does a ten year old kid consume music videos these days? I mean, I assume it's on YouTube, but on YouTube, how is there or specific channels that they watch where they're introduced to new music? I'm thinking of it in the lines of like an MTV comes out. And there was just nothing.…"

How are videos accessed ?


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Taylor J

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"…That's sort of how I found a lot of my favorite bands. I just go from one YouTube video to the next. That being said, the music videos themselves, I feel certainly in the last five or so years have shifted towards more of a production driven music video. So there are storylines or a lot of special effects or something that makes it more like a spectacle.…"


Tim Ereneta

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"…The current artists have no need or they don't get their music out through music videos and historical artists. They were working before the television, the same with classic RnB, soul and Motown. These artists were around before the video era, so I think the melodic hooks, the arrangements are enough to grab my attention, whether I'm shopping, whether I'm listening to dinner, whether I'm at work, I think the music is enough. I don't need a video. I will.…"

An alternative opinion....


Matthew Gordon

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"…And I'll check out a few tracks of each one. And if anything stands out to me, then I will immediately go on YouTube and try to watch any live videos or any music videos just to kind of get more of an idea of what this musician is about. But Unfortunately, I don't think most people seek out new music as actively. I wish they did, because there's a lot of good music out there. If you just look.…"


Matthew Gordon

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"…I love Early Lamb stuff because it has such a strong visual aesthetic that's captured so well by the sound of the music, and they play off of each other so well. And I think the music videos definitely have that ability to coincide in that same way.…"


Matthew Gordon

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"…I think visuals can just capture attention in a whole other way, and especially when there's a good song behind it, there's nothing better.…"



Dewuan .

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"…So it had the weirdest playlist, because sometimes it would play the same video over and over. That was obscure where I think too. It just wasn't paying the bills anymore. Mtv, they had to find different ways. People weren't watching music videos. They were watching a reality TV, a company with the music in it. So it's still important, I would say, as you were saying, but I don't necessarily think.…"

My Music Video Theory 🤔


Why Music Videos Matter

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