Matthew Gordon

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Weird Gig Story #1


"…I've been playing in band since I was 13, and I've played many, many shows over the years. And I was talking to a buddy of mine about how the craziest things that ever happened to you happen when you're out on the road playing gigs. So I thought that would kind of be a fun series to talk about on Swell. This particular instance happened about a year and a half ago.…"

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Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2yr ago · 2:49

"…And I had to sleep there one night, and it was just me and the poodles. But the more Giggy story is I think it was Seattle or Portland or Seattle, something Northwest. And I had a gig in a very, relatively large theater. I used to open for lots of people there. And I was used to theaters that were big for that because I didn't have to pull in the crowd. But this one gig was a theater that probably sat about 500 people.…"

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Matthew Gordon

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"…Hey, thank you for sharing. That's awesome. I love the fact that you saw this opportunity, and you just took advantage of it, and you thought outside of the box, and because of that, you made the experience memorable, not just for yourself, but for everybody else. You came to your show, and you got to play for a bigger audience. That's really cool.…"



Weird Gig Story #1

@MattGordon · 2yr ago · 3:18


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