Impressions of sn expat: here, there (shouts and whispers)

And then that first morning, shoulders bumping against the walls as if they move closer when you pass them, clumsy and nervous like a newborn calf, eventually finding coffee and pancakes, salty cheese and great green olives and in black pants, eyes darting, all of her rings on her fingers. Still, it's the safest place to keep them and Vy, our little bird, sipping cherry juice and exploring a new playground by some miracle, not curled up in a ball but skipping across the cobblestones

How we left Moscow

Deborah Pardes
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@marconorth Thank you so much for finding your voice in this difficult moment

But we are here with you and so grateful that you found a path forward here with your words to amplify a little louder to those that might not have read them. So how are you right in this moment? Where are you today and emotionally on your landscape, if not physically on your landscape and hoping that you can share a little more with us about, about those you're with and your next ideas about what will feel right for you
Marco North
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Hey, DB. We're in Tibilisi, Georgia, where my wife grew up and I've always dreamed of living here. Just didn't imagine we'd have to take 15 years of life and and throw most of it away and pack what we could and ship hopefully, what we can and take the most important stuff with us. Very crazy. Yeah. So, Tibilisa, Georgia, artists. Almost every other person is a painter or works in an art Gallery
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Welcome to Swell!

Marco North
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So the difficult decision was they stayed because staying in your own home with a bunch of rice in the cabinet and into crazy situation is better than going to Turkey and trying to find a job. These are the choices for the people we left behind. So, honestly, we're the lucky ones. I was fairly paranoid and was very vigilant about what Airlines were stopping their flights. And I did buy a Turkish Airlines flight early because the prices tripled
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:35
But I've never been pulled from a place abruptly. I don't know what that feels like. And when you talk about pulling things that are meaningful to you and important to you and then leaving, I can't imagine what that picking order is. And you have your love of your family, and that's obviously the most important thing as you move through these next few days. I'm listening carefully and so are many others. Thank you for just including us with anything that you have to share
Marco North
@Marconorth · 3:48
And out of the woodwork, people just started giving me short ends, like 1 minute of film, two minutes of film. And every weekend I took out a camera and I shot more and I shot anything I could. And big surprise, I got better. And it made a deep impression on me as a young man that someday I was going to pay it forward. I've been paying it forward my whole life. I'm in very good company. A lot of people do that