IMPRESSIONS OF AN EXPAT: flesh and bone (the kitchen table)

All right, that's for today, by the way, the picture with this, like all of the pictures, is one of my photographs. Most of them are shot on film, and that's our kitchen in Moscow, if you're curious. Thanks for listening


Sontaia Briggs
@PKBriggs · 2:53

My condolences. This piece is So beautiful. @Marconorth

So again, another, like lost symbolism, I would say, and then your hands holding the cup. But don't look so old, like your own actual mortality. Like when we find out when we lose people, we really begin to look at our own life in this really microscopic way. I mean, I say we, but I do. I think people do as well, too. So thinking, you so much for sharing this
Marco North
@Marconorth · 3:35


But for me, they are so deeply inform each other. And the funny thing is, I write books and stories and pieces like this that do feel cinematic. That's a mix of intentional. And that's the only way I know how to do it. And on the flip side, my music is also very atmospheric. I'm always painting a very specific place and time